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Beijing Zhongpingjian Certified Public Accountants Co.LTD (BZCPA), was founded in 1986, administrated by Beijing Auditing Bureau, and registered by Beijing Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau, after being authorized by Beijing Public Finance Bureau. BZCPA is an intermediary service organ awarded with an independent legal personality. BZCPA has an amount of RMB3,000,000 as it's registered capital, having a special intelligence and qualification in auditing, capital verification, capital estimation, taxation, deputing, construction project cost consultation, etc.

We scrupulously abide by the principle of independence, objectiveness and fairness, adhering to our doctrine that clients come first and should give them the first-rate service, for we regard prestige as the most significant.

Currently we have over two hundred practitioners in different field. Among them we have 115 Certified Public Accountant(CPA), 35 Certified Public Valuer(CPV), 28 The Chinese Certified Tax Agents(CCTA), 3 Registered Real Estate Appraiser, and 21 Registered Construction Cost Engineers, who have plenty of experience in construction, installation, fitment, water, electronic, gas and heating, among whom 7 Senior Engineers, 6 Budget Engineers and Construction Economic Engineers. In our firm, 85% of staff is degree holders and 6 practitioners are master holders. High talent and altitudinal professional ethics provide the strong bases for our firm to grow up in this competitive industry.

Being a quite strong accounting service firm, we are charactised by innovation, dexterity, creditability and efficient service. We focus on our clients' requirement, and provide them with corresponding service. Especially, we attach a great importance to auditing estimation service for big corporations, advanced firms, and doing our best in studying characteristics of different styles and different trades. And in this aim our CPAs provide our clients with the high quality service.

We have a lot of excellent CPAs and certified evaluators, sophisticated construction project cost consultants and other professionals with high or medium rank, which makes us enhance the capability to complete large or middling sort of project, budgeting and final accounting of revenue and expenditure.

We have performed some large cases, such as auditing for Hainan Skyworld club, final auditing of revenue and expenditure of the construction of NationalTelescopeFirmCommitteeOfficialBuilding, and Beijing Technology Management Bureau's Building, etc.

We have a lot of famous clients in Beijing and many other cities in PRC. It is including: China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), China Xinxing Corporation (Group), China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China South Industries Group Corporation, China Electronic Corporation (CEC), China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, BUCC and so on.

In year 2005, we successfully bade for the audit of Olympic stadium with the highest total marks in the bidding, the project which is entrusted by National Audit of the PRC.We were fully in charge of the pursuant service and audit of project settlement as well as financial statements of Olympic main stadium (Bird's Nest project). Simultaneously we acquire the construction cost settlement of National Theatre project.

At the beginning of year 2006, we formally involve in the construction cost settlement and audit of the financial statements for the key water control project at the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River and generating plant projects. We had successfully completed the assignments of the preceding projects. We have accumulated plenty of experience for the service of large scale and extra large scale corporations, especially during the audit practices of projects; we have established systematic audit procedures to understand the comprehensive process as well as material procurement. With compatible talented team for the relevant professional service, we have established effective procedure and working process. With our excellent performance we have enjoy much credit and good reputation.

The successful bids in those furious tender, indicate our firm's ability of project arrangement, team leading, and professional service.

To attach importance to contract and quality, to retain prestige and pursue efficiency is the work rule what we comply with all along. So in a long period, our performance through hard work has won high praise from a number of units, including financial auditing, as well as industrial and commercial departments, especially from our clients.


Organization Structure

We have 251 employees, supervised by 9 middle managers. The office consists of Auditing Department 1, Auditing Department 2, Auditing Department 3,Auditing Department 4,Basic Auditing Department 1and 2(project cost consultation office), Capital Evaluation Department, Taxation Consultation Service Department, etc.


Operation Range

  • To verify capita, then set a report on the case.
  • To audit financial statements, then set a report.
  • To audit the case about incorporation, schism or liquidation, then set a report.
  • To audit the basic construction item budget (final accounting), then set a report.
  • To audit a case about taxation, then set a report.
  • To act as the agent for a corporation or person to deal with the case about tax paying, or act as the taxation advisor.
  • To evaluate corporations' asset for clients' all sorts of intents
  • To support consultation for investment, and introduce associates assist in negotiation.
  • To support auditing and consultation services for corporations' reorganization, amalgamation, incorporation, purchase or liquidation.
  • To act as the financial or accounting advisor; and offer finance accounting training



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Address: Floor 10, Building C, YiHeYangGuang Building, No. 12, East Tucheng Road, HePing Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.CHINA. Postcode: 100013

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Beijing Zhong Ping Jian Huahao
Agence comptable

Agence comptable de Zhong Ping Jian de Beijing a créé il y a 22 ans. Cette agence possède certaines puissance effectives. Son fonds d'inscription est deux million yuan. Elle a d'aptitudes et de capacités sur l'audit de l'entreprise, vérification de capital, évaluation de biens, vérification judiciaire, agent fiscal et renseignement de prix de construction (niveau A) qui sont certifiés par le ministère de finance, le ministère fiscal et le ministère de construction.

Notre équipe est établie par plus de deux cents personnes spécialisées de tous les types. Il y a 115 experts comptables, 45 évaluateurs de fonds d'inscription, 32 experts fiscaux d'inscription, 8 évaluateurs de propriété immobilière d'inscription, 25 ingénieurs de prix de construction. 46% de personnel ont titres de compétence technique avancé et titres de compétence technique intermédiaire, comme expert comptable de niveau avancé, auditeur de niveau avancé, ingénieur de niveau avancé, etc. 85% de personnel ont diplômes de bac+4. Personnel qualifié et l'esprit de travail nous donnent une base solide dans la compétition acharnée.

Notre agence a un office de surface de trois milles mètre carré. Nous avons un contrôle par réseau sur les gestions de business, de qualité et de ressources humaines. Il n'y a jamais eu de pénalisation administrative par Bureau d'Administration ou de pénalisation criminelle par Département judiciaire sur le problème de qualité.

Nous avons rangé depuis cinq ans dans « le meilleur cent » de l'association d'expert comptable d'inscription de la Chine et depuis trois ans dans « le meilleur cent » de l'organisation de renseignement de prix de construction dans l'association d'ingénieur de prix de construction de la Chine.

Nous avons réalisé les audits annuels, audits de responsabilité économique, les travails d'audit de bilan financier de tous les types et les travails de vérification de biens pour les grandes compagnies ou groupes, par exemple, Compagnie de Construction de la Chine, Groupe de Xinxing de la Chine, Entreprise de Navires de la Chine, Groupe de l'équipement d'armes, Unicom de la Chine, Groupe de l'industrie informatique de la Chine, Commité d'arbitrag économique et commercial international de la Chine, Compagnie d'invertissement d'installation de Beijing, Contrôle d'action de Beijing, Groupe de logement de Beijing, etc. Après avoir bien réalisé les audits indiqués ci-dessus, nous avons accumulé de bonnes expériences, obtenu une process et une méthode de travail plus efficace, établi une équipe de compétence pour les affaires de ce type et obtenu la confirmation et appréciation élogieuse par les clients.

Notre experts comptables d'inscription connaissent très bien les réglements publiés par Bureau Fiscal National et la Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, « Gestion de remboursement de Taxe à la valeur ajoutée sur les produits que les Ambassades (Consulats) et leurs personnel achètent » « Réglements provisoirs de taxe à la valeur ajoutée de la République de la Chine » . Ils maîtrisent bien « Rapport d'audit de bilan d'archèvement de travaux » et les exigeances détaillées sur le remboursment de taxe de construction d'Ambassade en Chine. Nous avons bien réalisé le remboursement de taxe de construction de l'Ambassade d'Israël en Chine. Nous avons de confiance de bien réaliser le remboursement de taxe de construction pour votre Ambassade



Adresse d' office: 10ème étage de bâtiment C de Building YiHeYangGuang, N°12 rue DongTuChen, boulevard de paix de la zone Chaoyang, Beijing

Code postal: 100013

Tel: 0086-010-52180718
Fax: 86-10-52180721



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